The guys over at recently sent me one of their tees to review.  With absolutely zero exaggeration, this shirt found its way into my lineup of favorite t-shirts on the first day.   It isn’t that the shirt is hilarious or witty or stylish.  The shirt is cool but it’s simply a vintage beer label.   But the shirt is incredibly soft, comfortable, and form fitting.

In some of my past reviews I’ve talked about the vast difference between Gildan and American Apparel tees.  I think the same can be said of the difference between American Apparel and Next Level Apparel tees.  This is the first t-shirt I’ve had printed with this product and I absolutely love it.  It is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Now back to the tee itself.  The Miller tee is done with high quality printing which you can see in the detail of the second image below. designed and printed the shirt in a way to give the appearance of a distressed and faded tee that you’ve been wearing for years which is great because everyone loves the broken-in look.  It’s available for $19.95 and in sizes Medium, Large, and Xtra Large.  With this style of tee I think you’d need to be a midget or a girl to need anything smaller than a medium.  It’s only available in one color but that doesn’t bother me since the color chosen works well with the vintage style and is quite neutral.

Miller Vintage Label Beer T-Shirt | $19.95


In this view below you see the vintage detail of the design and print.millertee2.jpg has a nice range of products from tees, to hoodies and hats, to shorts and underwear.  They also have some pretty sweet hat and hoodies available on sale for good prices.  Check ’em out here.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of their website. The design is great with a really cool “beer” theme right down to the “Your keg is tapped” shopping cart, but it is also extremely user friendly and easily navigable.  It has some nice features like being able to view all shirts by a specific size instead of searching for a shirt and then checking if your size is available.  Here’s an example of a search for Large t-shirts.

Nice work guys…Thanks for the great t-shirt and for introducing me to your company!


Sebastian from sent me over one of their tees, Smurfs Attack, to review, so first off, thanks! These guys have some quality t-shirts but they also have a good looking website with solid features. They’ve incorporated RSS to interested users can suscribe to updates, a blog, a Design contest, and other cool stuff. Something else that’s great for potential customers teetering on the edge of buying one of their tees? Satisfaction guaranteed! Their site says:

The Internet is still a land of uncertainty and often more adventure than you bargained for. This is why we’re completely committed to the highest levels of customer service and offer a 30 DAY money back / no hassle guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the products you have received we will exchange them for you or refund your money in FULL.

Now, for the review. There are a few things about the tee that I like.

For one, the detail in the artwork is great. The concept is pretty cool and the artwork has some really great details with Smurfs climbing up the design. Some have arrows, some have knives, guns, and some of the pansy Smurfs are falling off and screaming. Classic 🙂

I didn’t even notice it as first but on the back of the t-shirt at the neckline there is a small, but still noticeable, SR logo. It isn’t intrusive and looks pretty cool.  Adds a little something extra for the tee owner and adds some branding and advertising for Nice work guys.


If I was pressed for a negative to the tee it would be that it is printed on a Gildan Heavyweight Ultra Cotton t-shirt product. I’m not a fan of the thickness and how if fits…it’s just a different type of product than the American Apparel thin, form fitting t-shirts. But, it is also a decent product and still a soft t-shirt, so this isn’t a big deal.

Keep in mind that the shirts are preshrunk when you order. With American Apparel shirts its always wise to order one size larger since they shrink and they fit so tightly. I washed the Smurfs Attack tee and it didn’t change size much so be careful when ordering.

Here’s the product description from their site.

They’re coming and they want your head! These attacking blue marauders won’t rest till they’ve invaded and conquered the land known as you!

# 100% cotton (doesn’t feel like cardboard)
# 10.2 ounce crewneck T
# Double needle cover seamed neck, taped neck and shoulders, double needle sleeve and bottom.
# Pre-shrunk


I got an email recently from el Presidente at Bedlam Clothing asking me to help him clear the shelves at Bedlam.  They’ve got a permanent $6 sale going on as they try to get rid of their gear and make way for some new products and a relaunch of their brand.
Bedlam is a cool company and el Presidente is a good dude…hop on over and buy a few cheap tees to support their cause.  At $6 a pop how can you say no?

Click here to see their tees… 

Ed from was kind enough to send me a t-shirt to review.  Thanks Ed.

Below are three photos of the tee.  The first is a photo of the t-shirt front, followed by a close-up shot of the front graphic, and the last photo is of the t-shirt back.

I think is a smart business idea in the sense that it serves a niche within the larger t-shirt and retail industry.  Since it is a smaller niche they can service their customers in a way that broader companies like the Gap and Urban Outfitters can not.  It is also easier to position yourself as the market leader within a niche.    Their site states “The Fishboy line appeals to outdoor enthusiasts with a special emphasis on anglers and hunters but with a growing line of designs for hikers, campers, backpackers, canoeist, kayakers, climbers, boaters and other lovers of the great outdoors.”

The “Grin Fish” shirt is printed on the Gildan Heavy Weight Cotton tee.  As I mentioned before in this post about the Yankees t-shirt, I do not like this product at all.   The tees are too thick, heavy, and do not compare to a product like AA.   Just my personal preference. I’m sure other people prefer Gildan over AA tees.

The t-shirt has a custom tag attached to the inside label.  It is a thick card stock with their logo, website URL, and slogan “highly evolved artwork”.   I think this is very nicely done.

The t-shirts are silkscreened and the artwork is done well.    The shirt is offered in two colors and sizes Medium through XX-Large, although the XXL will cost you a few extra bucks.

Grin Fish | $17.95





  • Original Fishboy design
  • 100% cotton
  • Silkscreened
  • Two sided design
  • Custom pigment dye

I am a huuuuge Scrubs fan. It is currently one of my favorite TV shows. I watch all of the new episodes and TIVO the old ones to watch whenever I want.

During tonight’s episode, The Todd wore the GILF T-Shirt (shown below) from Busted Tees in a cut-off style. The Todd only wears cut-off tees. Come on, keep up.

I remember this tee going on sale a few weeks ago. It is currently listed for $5.99 at Busted Tees. That’s a low, low price. Maybe they were having a hard time clearing the shelves?

I wonder if Busted Tees is seeing any traffic and/or sales from the recent TV spot? There are millions of Scrubs viewers and a ton of loyal fans. I’m curious a) how many others like me identified the tee, and b) how many popped online to try and find the tee?


I try not to cover Threadless too much because everyone and their mother knows about them and covers their new gear.  But I saw this one recently and thought it was really cool.  I,  probably like 90% of the other people my age, remember these cars from my childhood.  The t-shirt is really cool and the quality of the artwork is outstanding.  It’s got a great premise…no one wants to grow up.

But of course, the M, L, and XL tees are all sold out.  Only Small and XL left.  Great….come on threadless…..keep the regular sizes in stock.

I’m Sure I Used To Fit by Aled Lewis | $15.00


Carly from 2one5 Clothing was kind enough to send me over one of their “Native Sole” tees. Thanks again Carly.

One of the things that I thought was special was that the shirts are limited edition. 2one5 is only printing up 48 of these tees and I got one of them. As they say on the product page, “All tees have been individually hand numbered by the artist and are extremely limited runs.” Pretty sweet.

I asked Carly to send a large if it was an American Apparel style tee, which she did. It arrived a little too large for me to wear right away so I had to toss it through the wash once to see if it would shrink a little. I snapped some photos before tossing it in though.

The first two photos below are of the front of the tee. The artwork and printing are done exceptionally well and I like the location chosen for the graphics.

Native Sole T-Shirt | $35.00 (Currently on Sale for $20.00!)



This photo below is a shot of the bottom back of the tee. I think it adds a nice touch of style and design to the shirt. It looks pretty dope on too which is always an added bonus. If you look at the design below you’ll see how much attention to detail 2one5 has. Look at the roots coming from the i and l, and the graphics in the bottom o. It all comes together nicely.


This is a photo of the label used by 2one5. I definitely like the fact that they’ve opted to remove that annoying tag that always sticks into the back of your neck. There is no tag on the inside of the Native Sole t-shirt.


All in all, I thought this was a great product. Big thanks for Carly and the rest of the 2one5 Clothing team.

These guys have been hitting the pavement hard lately. It seems that every clothing and/or t-shirt blog I visit has a product review of their gear or a banner from 2one5. If you’re an up-and-coming clothing company keep an eye on 2one5 and take some notes. Keep up the great work guys.