Disappointed by Quality of Jesus Hates the Yankees T-Shirt


See The T-shirt at Busted Tees

Being a Red Sox fan, I was stoked to have this t-shirt given to me as a Christmas gift this year. Opening it up was great and I immediately thought it would become one of my favorite t-shirts.

So I was pretty bummed when I put it on. Not with the quality of the design or the printing. Those are fine. It was the quality of the actual t-shirt they chose to print it on and way it fit.

Busted Tees opted to print this shirt on the Gildan heavyweight cotton t-shirt (you can peep the catalog here). I don’t know if they chose to print on this style because it was t-shirt or as a result of that specific color not being available from other vendors. Either way, it was a bad choice. First off, the t-shirt style is a bit too thick. It lacks the comfortability and light style that is found with the American Apparel tees. Second, the sleeves are longer than a normal t-shirt.

So, instead of this becoming my favorite t-shirt with a prime spot in the rotation, it was downgraded to a secondary shirt. What a bummer. Hopefully next time they print on a better quality shirt like American Apparel.


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