Just the Tip T-Shirt Review


Ah, the first t-shirt review. I’m loving this.


So the guys over at O.N.S. Outfitters sent me one of their latest products, the “Just the Tip” t-shirt to review. Thanks guys, I’m happy to oblige.

Unlike the “Jesus Hates the Yankees” t-shirt from Busted Tees that I recently discussed, this shirt is printed on the super comfortable American Apparel product. It’s light weight, comfortable, and fits very well. I asked for a large and I’m glad I did. At about 5 feet 11 inches and about 170 pounds I’m not a big guy, but the American Apparel shirts are form fitting. The shirt is currently a little loose but I’m sure after one run through the laundry it’ll be tighter and fit perfectly.

Now to the actual t-shirt since anyone can buy a case of American Apparel tees and start hawking them as a wholesaler.

As you may be able to tell in the above image, the quality of the tshirt is pretty good. The colors mesh well together. The yellowish colors behind the Just the Tip letters pop nicely in contrast to the brown color of the shirt. The orange colors of the stars and top lettering work nicely with the yellows and browns too. I’m a big fan of the vintage style artwork too…it reminds me of a gameshow from the ’70s, or an old school board game.

These guys have opted to put their logo on the back of the t-shirt near the neckline, but it actually looks pretty good. It’s not too instrusive and since its in the orange color used on the front of the TV is doesn’t pop too much.

To see more of their t-shirts pop on over to www.onenightstandtshirts.com.


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