I Hate Your Kids T-Shirt


Okay, so I recently wrote a review of the Douché T-Shirt from Gawker, but while reading another blog I saw this tee in their collection, which I think I like just as much if not more.
I Hate Your Kids | $19.99

ihyk_store_image_closeup.jpg ihyk_store_image_large.jpg

“T-shirts are 100% cotton, uber soft, and made by sweatshop-free American Apparel — unfortunately, not the little hands of the little ones in question.”

I love this t-shirt because I honestly can’t stand 99% of kids in public.  For some reason all kids find a way to be annoying and loud when out in public.  And their shitty parents never do anything about it.

Of course thats just one angle to this tee.   Sometimes you just hate their kids because you hate their kids.


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