Tree Rings T-Shirt from Spray Graphic


Big shout out to Chuck from Spray Graphic for shooting me over their new Tree Rings t-shirt.  The shirt came with a personal note from Chuck and a nice looking catalog that showcased all of their products.  It was a very nice, professional package that clearly illustrated their professionalism and the quality of their work.

So, on to the t-shirt.  Each of their shirts seems to have a “byline” or “saying” with it.  The one for the Tree Rings t-shirt is “Why do we keep throwing our most valuable records away?”

I had Chuck send me the large which should fit perfectly once it runs through the wash once.  The quality of the graphics are great as you can see below in the close-up.  The shirt is really soft and comfortable as they promise on their product page.  I also really liked the placement of the graphic on the tee.  As I’ve mentione before, I like tees that break away from the pack of traditional top center printing.

Tree Rings | $26


The product page has this description:

“The design depicts a tree stump with a gramophone on top playing a tune that produces a series of notes resembling a set of axes and hatchets. The design is printed on 100% organic cotton and is part of our Think Green line.


The shirt was inspired by the writings of Edward Abbey and Gary Snyder, the photos of Ansel Adams, and our endangered forests.”

I wonder if any other t-shirt companies put that much thought and effort into their designs.  I doubt it.


One of the things I really loved about the t-shirt from Spray Graphic was the inside label. The artistic detail was really cool, all the way down to the spray paint nozzle that appears to be spraying out the company name. To the right of the Large symbol you can see the name of the t-shirt and a short saying that relates to the tee. Not only does this look really cool, but having this type of implementation that eliminates the attached label makes the t-shirt just a little more comfortable. No one wants a piece of fabric jabbing into the back of their neck.

From a marketing standpoint this type of implementation is really smart.  You reinforce your brand by displaying your company name instead of the t-shirt manufacturer’s and can connect with your customers.  I have a few tees with this type of inside label and I notice it every time I put them on.  You can kick this up another notch by putting a funny saying on the inside label that will make the owner smile or laugh each time they put it on.


Thanks again Chuck! Best of luck to you all at Spray Graphic and keep up the great work.  It’s always great to see upstanding companies such as yours succeed.


3 Responses to “Tree Rings T-Shirt from Spray Graphic”

  1. I really like Spraygraphic as a company. My main reason is the background and message of all their shirts, which few other companies seem to have. The designs ain’t to shabby either 🙂

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