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I try not to cover Threadless too much because everyone and their mother knows about them and covers their new gear.  But I saw this one recently and thought it was really cool.  I,  probably like 90% of the other people my age, remember these cars from my childhood.  The t-shirt is really cool and […]

Carly from 2one5 Clothing was kind enough to send me over one of their “Native Sole” tees. Thanks again Carly. One of the things that I thought was special was that the shirts are limited edition. 2one5 is only printing up 48 of these tees and I got one of them. As they say on […]

First off, I want to apologize for the delay in posting. And now, a little something for the ladies….while checking in at Urban Outfitters I noticed some women’s t-shirts I hadn’t seen before.   I think these three tees below are pretty great.  Check ’em out.   If they made the bottom Whiskey t-shirt for men I […]

Thanks for Adicteed for turning me on to  I was just checking out their designs and they have a whole bunch of high quality, unique, thought provoking designs.  I didn’t get through all of them yet, but this is one of my favorites so far.  Probably because I’m so good at burning bridges.  I’ve […]

I got an email tonight from the guys at One Night Stand Outfitters regarding two of their new designs. Their email said: “Politics blows. My only interest in politics is making fun of the politicians. So, we thought we’d make a few t-shirts for the people that agree with me. Two of the shirts are […]

I must have been sleeping, but I didn’t notice until today that had shut down.  Upon visiting the site I saw typical parked domain landing page.  My initial thought was that the guys had been careless and not renewed their domain and it had been snatched up by a domainer.   After looking around a […]

Ms. Lindsay Lohan was recently photographed out in LA with the twins flying free, giving everyone a little show in her East Texas State University t-shirt. Must have been cold that day. 🙂 Source