Funny Political T-Shirts from One Night Stand Outfitters


I got an email tonight from the guys at One Night Stand Outfitters regarding two of their new designs. Their email said:

Politics blows. My only interest in politics is making fun of the politicians. So, we thought we’d make a few t-shirts for the people that agree with me.

Two of the shirts are done and we have more on the way. Let us know what you think. Reply to this email or contact us through our site. We want to hear from you! “

The Hillary shirt is awesome man…really funny.  It is listed in their “Coming Soon” section so it doesn’t have a price listed yet, but all of their other t-shirts are $19.99, so it is probably safe to bet these will also be $19.99.  I hope they print ’em up soon.   Hit me up again when they’re ready guys.


One Response to “Funny Political T-Shirts from One Night Stand Outfitters”

  1. 1 Anna

    can you tell me the email address for who contact you as I’ve been trying to get hold of them myself
    Thank you

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