I’m Sure I Used To Fit T-Shirt at Threadless


I try not to cover Threadless too much because everyone and their mother knows about them and covers their new gear.  But I saw this one recently and thought it was really cool.  I,  probably like 90% of the other people my age, remember these cars from my childhood.  The t-shirt is really cool and the quality of the artwork is outstanding.  It’s got a great premise…no one wants to grow up.

But of course, the M, L, and XL tees are all sold out.  Only Small and XL left.  Great….come on threadless…..keep the regular sizes in stock.

I’m Sure I Used To Fit by Aled Lewis | $15.00



3 Responses to “I’m Sure I Used To Fit T-Shirt at Threadless”

  1. 1 apronk

    I came across this shirt also, and I loved it. T-Shirt reviews? Good idea. I’ll be reading often.

  2. The funniest thing threadless have done in ages!

    New to the site by the way – it’s great!


  3. Threadless… good concept but their price is a rip off.
    I can’t believe how much money these guys are making, and they’re not even designing anything themselves.

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