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I got an email recently from el Presidente at Bedlam Clothing asking me to help him clear the shelves at Bedlam.  They’ve got a permanent $6 sale going on as they try to get rid of their gear and make way for some new products and a relaunch of their brand. Bedlam is a cool […]

Ed from was kind enough to send me a t-shirt to review.  Thanks Ed. Below are three photos of the tee.  The first is a photo of the t-shirt front, followed by a close-up shot of the front graphic, and the last photo is of the t-shirt back. I think is a smart […]

I am a huuuuge Scrubs fan. It is currently one of my favorite TV shows. I watch all of the new episodes and TIVO the old ones to watch whenever I want. During tonight’s episode, The Todd wore the GILF T-Shirt (shown below) from Busted Tees in a cut-off style. The Todd only wears cut-off […]