GILF T-Shirt Gets Promo on Scrubs TV Show


I am a huuuuge Scrubs fan. It is currently one of my favorite TV shows. I watch all of the new episodes and TIVO the old ones to watch whenever I want.

During tonight’s episode, The Todd wore the GILF T-Shirt (shown below) from Busted Tees in a cut-off style. The Todd only wears cut-off tees. Come on, keep up.

I remember this tee going on sale a few weeks ago. It is currently listed for $5.99 at Busted Tees. That’s a low, low price. Maybe they were having a hard time clearing the shelves?

I wonder if Busted Tees is seeing any traffic and/or sales from the recent TV spot? There are millions of Scrubs viewers and a ton of loyal fans. I’m curious a) how many others like me identified the tee, and b) how many popped online to try and find the tee?



One Response to “GILF T-Shirt Gets Promo on Scrubs TV Show”

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