About T-Shirt Reviews

About me…well, I’m a normal guy from California. I’m lucky enough to work in a casual setting so I get to wear my favorite t-shirts to work every day. This blog will serve as my way to share my favorites with you, news, and anything else.

Want to have your t-shirt or t-shirt company reviewed on this site? Not a problem. I review all t-shirts that are sent my way. Shoot me an email at tshirtreviews @ gmail .com and I’ll reply with the details you need.


4 Responses to “About T-Shirt Reviews”

  1. Thanks for the nice words about the Tank t-shirt and the site. We woulld like to put the review on the hime page of our site and attribute it to you. We can call it “tshirtreviews” with a link to your blog. If you woulf like you name added we can do that. How would you like it worded?

    Question: whAt do you see as the problems with PayPal? And, what suggestions do you have fro a better pay system?

    Pleas get back to me soon, so we can put your review up.


  2. Thanks a lot for the link put in this post!

    Your are wellcome to come back and see the new coming features in wich we are working on survivor tee 🙂

    best regards


  3. Hello !! Nice Blog !! i love it ! 😉

  4. Ran across your blog searching for information on Tees. Doing a trivia collection for a website on trivia: Lostpedia, the encyclopedia about ABC’s tv show Lost.

    We just started an article on Tees, take a look, and maybe you have some expert insights that we don’t know about:

    We’ve just started this article, so we’ll be adding more shirts as it looks like the character “Charlie” really makes a point of wearing interesting shirts.


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