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I am a huuuuge Scrubs fan. It is currently one of my favorite TV shows. I watch all of the new episodes and TIVO the old ones to watch whenever I want. During tonight’s episode, The Todd wore the GILF T-Shirt (shown below) from Busted Tees in a cut-off style. The Todd only wears cut-off […]

Ms. Lindsay Lohan was recently photographed out in LA with the twins flying free, giving everyone a little show in her East Texas State University t-shirt. Must have been cold that day. 🙂 Source

Cool t-shirt….lame dude wearing it. featured this picture today of Lance Bass wearing this t-shirt although I can’t find it anywhere.  Do you know where it can be found/purchased?  It’s pretty similar to this Nuts T-shirt from Defunker, but a little less artsy.   Check it out. My Nuts Have Dropped T-Shirt | $?? See […]

….and why it pays to have Warren Buffet wear your product.  He and Lebron James, both being from the same area, have met and become friends.  Mr. Buffet, the billionaire, attended a recent game as Lebron’s personal guest and he showed up wearing his Nike “Witness” t-shirt which is shown below.  Can’t beat the publicity….celebrity […]

Ryan Seacrest showed up to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards wearing this t-shirt.  He’s a complete douchebag, but the t-shirt is decent. Not sure where he got it, I can’t find it anywhere online.  If anyone knows, let me know.  When I plug those keywords into Google I only get 2 results back.  I can’t […]

I have this website,, loaded up in my Bloglines account and noticed this post today.  Okay, so it wasn’t the t-shirt that caught my attention. First of all, gotta feel bad for this guy.  I defy anyone to look at this picture or stand next to this girl in that outfit and NOT look […]

Kirsten Storms, a soap chick from Days of our Lives and General Hospital, wore this off the shoulder “He Loves Me, II Love His Friend” t-shirt to the recent Tiger Cruise movie premiere. Good looking t-shirt for the ladies.  Cute and funny.  Unfortunately I was unable to locate the actual t-shirt at an online store.  […]