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Sometimes a shirt is so simple that it’s just awesome.   I’d love to buy this t-shirt and send it to Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and all the other pansy celebrities who go to rehab every other week.   Not sure where to buy it, I wasn’t able to find it online.  The photo looks like […]

Two high school students in Illinois filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court claiming that their school violated one of the students’ civil rights by not letting the student wear an anti-gay T-shirt last year. I had no idea about this, but apparently the National Day of Silence is a day when students can refrain […]

I received an email today with the suggestion to review this t-shirt from One Night Stand Outfitters.  Good suggestion Mike, thanks for the heads up. This t-shirt from ONS is pretty damn funny.   FUPA stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area.  The tee is done in the PUMA style and since ONS chose to print it […]

I recently went out with a few friends and one of them showed up wearing this t-shirt: “Haywood Jablomi” from  The shirt made everyone laugh….funny stuff.  He had shown me the website in the past and I didn’t spend more than a minute checking it out because the website is absoltely horrible.  The site […]

This t-shirt is friggin hilarious. Found it over at Anal. Because Kids Suck. Available in Medium through XL and for $19.99. Below $25 is okay in my book. Anything above $25 or $30 and it better be a damn good shirt or give me a massage with a happy ending. Anyway, back to the […]

Just came across this funny t-shirt from Third Base is for Pussies It’s available in all the sizes you need, and for $17.99. Not bad at all. The shirt could have a whole bunch of meanings. 3rd base is for pussies like A-Rod. 3rd base is for pussies that can’t close the deal and […]

I love this friggin t-shirt. While looking for new digs I came across this site I hadn’t seen before, Side Project Clothing. They produce the above t-shirt: “if you use “LOL” in conversation, i will punch you in the face.” As someone who makes punches to the face a regular part of their conversation, I […]