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Carly from 2one5 Clothing was kind enough to send me over one of their “Native Sole” tees. Thanks again Carly. One of the things that I thought was special was that the shirts are limited edition. 2one5 is only printing up 48 of these tees and I got one of them. As they say on […]

In this recent post discussing Companies Stealing from other Companies, I mentioned Urban Outfitters. During a discussion about a business meeting with an executive from Urban Outfitters the topic of their company stealing designs and concepts from other designers and companies.  This was the third or fourth time that this had been mentioned to me […]

While doing some research for an upcoming article (stay tuned), I came across some shirts that I thought were pretty good.  Most of them are overpriced considering they are Urban Outfitters and can probably produce them for $3 or $4, and since some of them are very simple designs and font type. The first caught […]

The Ryde is a Southern California, Laguna Beach to be exact, based t-shirt company owned and operated by Mike Figueroa and Matthew Allen. They have some pretty good products.  Their About Us page says that they limit their designs to 1 color because 10 color shirts can be very costly to produce.  This is absolutely […]

I received an email today from an account exec (whatever that means) from [2 one 5] clothing.  Their logo is off to the right…I included it because I thought it was pretty damn cool. I started poking around their site  First of all, these guys have a good handle on web design.  I love […]

I was checking out a new site I found,, and came across this product of theirs: Keep the Dream Alive.  Looked really familiar.  Then I realized why…because I had seen the same product at Defunker a long time ago.  See it here.   If you plug that t-shirt name into Google you’ll see a […]

There seem to be alot of t-shirt companies sprouting up. The internet is making is extremely easy to find cheap outsourcing, good freelance designers around the world, and templated store systems. There are a number of t-shirt printers to choose from that make it fairly easy for a new company or individual to start selling […]