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I must have been sleeping, but I didn’t notice until today that had shut down.  Upon visiting the site I saw typical parked domain landing page.  My initial thought was that the guys had been careless and not renewed their domain and it had been snatched up by a domainer.   After looking around a […]

You win a nail biting close game, 78-73, over Clemson in the National Invitational Tournament.  It is the first time your team has won the championship basketball game in 65 years.  You toss on the championship t-shirts that were pre-printed in case each team won.  You think to yourself, “I’ll save this forever….maybe have it […]

What a weird approach. Either the guy is brilliant or retarded. Brilliant because he didn’t get caught. Retarded because…well….you read the story and decide. 🙂 A 24-year-old man in Michigan City entered the City Savings Bank and asked to speak with a manager. Once in the office he demanded a check for $10,000 from Brian […]

You hear it alot within the Internet industry: companies outsourcing development, call centers, data entry, and other monotonous tasks offshore.  The labor is cheap.  The management staff is cheaper.  It cuts costs, improves productivity, and increases profits. It seems that t-shirt maker Gildan Activewear Inc. is the latest company to be added to this long […]