First off, I want to apologize for the delay in posting.

And now, a little something for the ladies….while checking in at Urban Outfitters I noticed some women’s t-shirts I hadn’t seen before.   I think these three tees below are pretty great.  Check ’em out.   If they made the bottom Whiskey t-shirt for men I would definitely buy it.  I love Irish whiskey 🙂  And the Community Chest t-shirt rocks….gotta love a girl with a “community chest”.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder | $28.00


Washed soft and faded regular fit cotton tee printed with a poignant graphic at the front. Made in the USA. Machine wash.
* Medium/Regular fit
* 24.5″l from shoulder to hem
* Fits true to size
* Knit cotton

Monopoly Community Chest | $28.00


Vintage washed soft and faded regular fit tee with a Monopoly-inspired graphic at the front. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Made in the USA. Machine wash.
* Medium/Regular fit
* 26″l from shoulder to hem
* Fits true to size
* Knit cotton, polyester

Irish Whiskey Makes Me Friskey | $28.00


Washed soft and faded tee with frisky graphic at the front. Made in the USA. Machine wash.
* Medium/Regular fit
* 26.25″l from shoulder to hem
* Fits true to size
* Cotton, polyester


Thanks for Adicteed for turning me on to  I was just checking out their designs and they have a whole bunch of high quality, unique, thought provoking designs.  I didn’t get through all of them yet, but this is one of my favorites so far.  Probably because I’m so good at burning bridges.  I’ve been trying harder not to do this lately.  It’s not going as well as I’d like it to.  🙂  Ah well.  BTW, the tee is printed on American Apparel…good choice.

Burning Bridgets | $16.00


I got an email tonight from the guys at One Night Stand Outfitters regarding two of their new designs. Their email said:

Politics blows. My only interest in politics is making fun of the politicians. So, we thought we’d make a few t-shirts for the people that agree with me.

Two of the shirts are done and we have more on the way. Let us know what you think. Reply to this email or contact us through our site. We want to hear from you! “

The Hillary shirt is awesome man…really funny.  It is listed in their “Coming Soon” section so it doesn’t have a price listed yet, but all of their other t-shirts are $19.99, so it is probably safe to bet these will also be $19.99.  I hope they print ’em up soon.   Hit me up again when they’re ready guys.

I must have been sleeping, but I didn’t notice until today that had shut down.  Upon visiting the site I saw typical parked domain landing page.  My initial thought was that the guys had been careless and not renewed their domain and it had been snatched up by a domainer.   After looking around a little more it appears that this isn’t the case and the owner actually sold the domain.   If you visit the page linked below it says the domain sold for $500.  A number of questions come to mind:

1) Why did he shut it down and sell the domain?  He was getting a decent amount of exposure in the industry, links from other sites and blogs, etc.

2)  Why did he sell for so little?  $500 seems awfully low for a good domain name that is an established site with good inbound links.

Here are some of the pages to check out on the topic.

Ms. Lindsay Lohan was recently photographed out in LA with the twins flying free, giving everyone a little show in her East Texas State University t-shirt.

Must have been cold that day. 🙂



You win a nail biting close game, 78-73, over Clemson in the National Invitational TournamentIt is the first time your team has won the championship basketball game in 65 years.  You toss on the championship t-shirts that were pre-printed in case each team won.  You think to yourself, “I’ll save this forever….maybe have it put in a case and mounted on the wall”.  What a keepsake.  Unfortunately for these guys the shirts were printed with an imperfection, and a pretty big one.

Apparently the dumbasses designing the shirts and the person proofreading and QA’ing the t-shirts were sleeping through the process.  The t-shirts printed for the championship winners were printed with a typo.

The “West Virginia” printed on the shirts players wore after winning the NIT title is missing the last “i” in “Virginia.” WVU sports information director Shelly Poe said the NIT printed the shirts.

Someone definitely got an ear full from the boss the next day at work. 🙂


Source Sports Illustrated

Cool t-shirt….lame dude wearing it. featured this picture today of Lance Bass wearing this t-shirt although I can’t find it anywhere.  Do you know where it can be found/purchased?  It’s pretty similar to this Nuts T-shirt from Defunker, but a little less artsy.   Check it out.

My Nuts Have Dropped T-Shirt | $??

See the similar t-shirt at DEFUNKER


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